Dating K Zildjian Cymbals

The telltale feature—the angular shape of the letter “J” in “ZILDJIAN”—is more pronounced in the middle era stamps. Here is an animated comparison of the two first stamps. The A stamps use a stylized way of writing Avedis (” ‎‫و‬ه ‫ـض س‬‎ا “) across the top with the letters sort of piled on top of each other. Also Zildjian (” زــلجـيان “) below has the /l/ (“‎‫ل ‬ “) is sort of packed on top of the dʒ (” جـ “) in the stamp.

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  • The reason that the A and K Custom lines are known to be the top lines is that they’re mass-produced.
  • K cymbals are searching for the genuine turkish made in between.
  • They’re bright, and the tone stays consistent throughout each cymbal.
  • Some of the most famous drummers on Zildjian’s artist roster would be Dennis Chambers, Mark Guiliana, Taylor Hawkins, Steve Gadd, and Peter Erskine.

The ‘70s Stamp is also referred to as the “Thin” Stamp because of the light embossing used at the time. The earliest uniform stamp identification was put in place in 1929 at the Zildjian factory in Massachusetts. These early models are easier to identify thanks to the hand hammering, wider lathing, and generally more worn appearance due to their age. While other instruments have incorporated date stamps and serial numbers for years, a working date system wasn’t put in place at Zildjian until 1994.

Cymbal Weight

One of the biggest reasons for this is arguably due to social media. Where other companies such as Zildjian and Meinl push social media marketing strategies, Sabian tends not to put as much focus there. Since then, Sabian has made a huge impact in the drumming world. They have constantly produced high-quality products that rival the ones from Zildjian. The Sabian company has some heavy ties to Zildjian.

Identifying A Vintage Cymbal: Things To Look For!

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The bottom hi hat cymbal in the photo is an awesome, hand-made boutique cymbal by TRX! Compare the raw finish to the brilliant finish on the top hi hat . Constantinople was re-named Istanbul by the Government of Turkey in 1930. Today, K Zildjian cymbals from the Istanbul period are perhaps the most sought after vintage cymbals in the world. Click here to see a timeline of K Istanbul cymbals.

The darker tone is great for making a sound that sits under all your drums instead of piercing through them. Each company produces cymbals that differ in sound slightly. Some drummers love Sabian while others love Zildjian. The hi-hats have a distinct chick sound that will cut through any mix, giving you authority when playing grooves.

A Series New Beat Hi Hat Cymbals Pair 1982

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Most likely due to the punchy power they have. While the Zildjian K Customs are the top line of cymbals from the Zildjian brand, the A Customs follow close behind. This set of cymbals is a bit more affordable, but it’s still a line of cymbals that pros use frequently. I first became familiar with this set when a church I was drumming for ordered them for the house kit. We did a bunch of research and finally ended up with the decision that the Zildjian K Custom Dark cymbals were the best cymbals for worship music. Whether you’ve played many of their cymbals or not, there’s no doubt that they have some top-quality choices that any pro drummer would choose.